Moving to Aledo, Walsh Ranch, Willow Park?

Aledo, Walsh Ranch, Willow Park Movers

Love Walsh Ranch, moving to Aledo, can’t wait for the Shops at Willow Park to open?

Welcome to Brazos Movers, we are moving and relocation specialists. We’re an Aledo moving company that’s headquartered right here in Parker County. We believe in hard work, a good reputation and giving back to our community. We know how stressful moving can be and we have the experience and know how to make relocating smoother for you. We provide residential and commercial moves, so whether you are moving your family, relocating your office or starting a new business, we’re here to jump in and make your move happen. We are experts at moving specialty items like safes etc, so give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll give you specifics on this. We also offer moving supplies if you want to buy some to do some pre-packing. If it’s moving-related, chances are we do it. Call, email, or fill out a short form to speak to one of our moving experts right away.

The Aledo Metroplex is growing extremely fast and Brazos Movers are growing with it. With all the new developments in Aledo, Texas and surrounding areas like Walsh Ranch, Morningstar, Aledo industrial park, The Shops at Willow Park we have trucks all over Parker County, Texas and beyond! According to The city of Aledo’s website, they are located halfway between Fort Worth & Weatherford, 2 miles south of I-20 on FM 1187, Aledo is a dynamic city, combining its historic past with recent award-winning accomplishments (water, sewer, highway improvements). This along with a stellar comprehensive plan has positioned Aledo, Texas for on-going quality managed residential and commercial development with many exciting opportunities in the future.

Our family-friendly community along with an exceptional school district and regular community events makes Aledo a great place to live. The Shops at Willow Park development has newly constructed multi-family apartments, townhomes, senior living, and commercial space. The property includes walkable trails that connect the entire community. Come visit or move with Brazos Movers!

Should We Move During COVID?

If your move is unavoidable, the best thing to do is work closely with us to learn what protacols are in place. Health and safety are always a top priority for Brazos Movers! If you are in a high-risk group, or those with pre-existing conditions, you may want to consider postponing your move if possible. If this is not the case and your move is necessary, movers are considered essential workers and are available to move during COVID.

Contact us to find out what our policies are for your move. Everyone’s safety is our top priority. Some of the following are protocals that have been put in place designed to protect our employees as well as our customers. This includes the following:

  • Following set federal and local guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitation
  • Conduct virtual surveys instead of in-home visits to provide estimates
  • Sanitize our truck and equipment frequently
  • Practice social distancing with our moving teams as much as possible and with our customers
  • Wearing mask and gloves
  • Stock moving trucks with hand sanitizer

Such practices simply help ensure your move is in the safest way possible. Using a virtual move estimate provides the benefits of the same quote you’d expect if you had movers without the need to have someone enter your home. Clean as you pack or spray with disinfectant when you get your belongings into boxes. This can help cut down on transporting viruses to your new home. Let Brazos Movers know right away if you or anyone in your family is experiencing any symptoms. Transparency is the key to keeping everyone safe. This will alow us to still work with you, but add some extra protocols in place for our workers.

With all that this part of Texas has to offer, why wait? Come visit for a day or move for a lifetime with Brazos Movers!

Brazos Movers
Aledo,TX 76oo8

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