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Lake Worth Movers: Why a Move to Lake Worth is More than Worth it!

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As a leading name among Lake Worth movers, it is easy to understand why people are choosing to move to this enjoyable city. Know why they are doing so and why you too should consider moving to Lake Worth, Texas.

Lake Worth

One of the handful of cities close to nature and its bounties, Lake Worth is bordered by the beautiful namesake waterbody on its eastern border. Lake Worth city is among the most popular cities in Tarrant County and falls under the Miami metropolitan area.

A part of the Florida coast, the region was historically inhabited by the native Jaega people. Samuel James and Fannie James are considered as the first settlers of the city. They even have a monument dedicated to them on 5th Avenue South, dated 1885. The city flourished when Henry Flagler’s railway line went by the lake. The population settling at the townsite between the water body and the rail was named aptly as Lake Worth.

Population and Employment in Lake Worth

Population estimates from surveys come in at near the 5,000 mark. Considering the median household income which nears $55,000 per family, this is among the most affluent TX cities and around Fort Worth while being way above the national average.

The median property value is on the decline, while currently hovering around the $90,000. But the median rent is even more positive, at around $1050 per month.

The city specializes in Construction, Wholesale-Retail & Healthcare. The highest paying industries include Finance & Insurance, Educational Services among others. 

Education in Lake Worth

The largest universities in and around the city are University of North Texas, University of Texas at Arlington and Tarrant County College District along with several elementary and grade schools.

Things to do when in Lake Worth

Find out the most common places for recreation and entertainment in & around Lake Worth at this Facebook page.

Attractions in Lake Worth

Lake Worth Beach

Downtown Lake Worth

Burger’s Lake

1200 Meandering Rd, Ft Worth, TX 76114

+1 817-737-3414

Fort Worth Zoo

1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110

+1 817-759-7555

Lake Worth is still about to undergo its real estate bonanza. One of the most sought-after spots for relocation in Florida, this is a vibrant, beautiful and well-suited city for a great time with educational and professional perks amply thrown in.

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