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Alberta Mold Inspections

Alberta Mold Inspections

A little moisture from a leaking roof or plumbing is all it takes for mold spores to spread in your home and cause structural, health, and a host of other problems. The risk of mold developing in your home dramatically increases after a flood. If you suspect you have mold in your house, it’s important to call mold pros for a thorough inspection. At MoldPro, we perform top-of-the-line Alberta mold inspections to let you know where your home stands. If we confirm there's mold, we have the expertise to mitigate any situation promptly before your property is overtaken by mold.

Signs You Have A Mold Problem

Fixing a mold problem can cost you hundreds of dollars, and if the colony is ignored for quite some time, you might spend tens of thousands of dollars. By identifying the signs of mold early, you can prevent extensive and expensive damage to your property while ensuring your family's safety. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to call experts to let you know if you have mold in your home and the extent of the invasive fungus.

  • Your Food Goes Bad Fast

Generally, bread and other products kept on the counter come with a shelf-life of about 5-10 days. But mold appearing on your bread or cake after only a few days can be a sign of a high number of spores in the air.

  • Visible Signs

Often, you’ll spot dark, circular blotches on your ceilings and walls that are typically a couple of inches in diameter and clustered together. When the mold problem is quite big, the fungus spreads outward as it looks for more organic material.

Sometimes, slight discoloration on a surface that resembles dirt or dust can be mold. Since such changes aren't obvious and are mostly gradual, you can easily overlook them. It's after you notice more prominent circular formations that you begin to think you may be having a mold problem. At that point, it might be harder and more expensive to get rid of mold.

It’s advisable to conduct visual checks regularly in certain areas of your house that are highly susceptible to mold, including under the kitchen sink and surfaces near your HVAC vents. Other places are your laundry room, the wall directly behind your toilet, and any other location where there’s a lot of humidity.

  • The Smell

Mold has a musty, pungent odor. Even if it's just a faint smell, it's essential to call in the experts for a proper assessment. Just because you can't see any visible signs of mold, it doesn't mean you don't have a mold problem. The colony could be hiding in your house. In addition, if your dirty laundry such as gym clothes develop a moldy smell after only a short time, that could be an indication of an increased amount of mold spores in the air.

Mold Removal Pros

If you see mold or smell its pungent musty odor, it’s crucial to work with professionals who know how to properly carry out Alberta mold inspections and provide effective mold remediation solutions. At MoldPro, we know-how. For effective mold inspection and removal services, call MoldPro today: (403) 371-7836.

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