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Movers in Aledo: Positives to Moving into Aledo TX

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Many people are thinking about moving, and it can be scary to move right now due to the pandemic restrictions. Even though some of these fears might be justified, it is still possible to move safely and minimize your risk of getting sick. Brazos Movers are a solid moving company that will go out of their way to ensure your move is safe and secure during this time of uncertanity. If you have this moving company pack your stuff for you, you may want to wait to unpack until you can spray boxes and such down with a disinfectant before opening them. This could be useful even if you packed them yourself. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face while you and your family unpack. This is something you could laugh about next year when you talk about your move in years to come.

A best practice during this time is asking Brazos what protocols are in place to help prevent the spread of the virus. Moving companies are considered essential workers, and they take their job seriously to move you safely. In completing your move, an idea might be to have the movers move the large furniture into position, along with other heavy things and leave the unpacked boxes in your garage. It will be easy for you to disinfect those boxes with disinfectant before bringing them into the home.

Moving into a new city comes with many questions, but there’s always the single obvious motive of leading a more successful life. Learn from one of the leading Aledo Movers why moving into this city can be a great decision!

Aledo, Texas

Aledo is the oldest city in Parker County. Located right between Fort Worth and Weatherford, what started off as a farming community was incorporated as Aledo city in 1963. It became a hot spot on the map only during the 1990’s with a rapid growth in residential, as well as, the commercial sector, and it is presently well on its way to a similar span of growth.

Population and Employment in Aledo

With an overall population of just above the 3,000 mark, Aledo is neither about empty-streets nor dense localities in its 2.5 square mile expanse. It has strong prospects of future expansions. The overall median age is around 34 years, making it a youthful crowd leading to lively neighborhoods.

The median household income is above the $90,000 mark. The median property value is at $162,800, one of the highest around Ft Worth and TX. So is the median rent, at around $1,400 per month. Aledo has scaling property values, which are expected to grow even higher over the coming years.

Highest employing industries include Mining, Oil, Management of Companies & Enterprises, Gas Extraction, Quarrying, and Arts & Recreation. The highest paying industries include, among others Real Estate, Scientific & Tech Services among others.

find the best professional moving companies in aledo!

So, are you ready to move to Aledo, TX? Congrats, you and your family will absolutely love it here!

Now, all you need is to find a great local moving company in Aledo that can help make your life easier. Searching for moving companies is not an easy task, we understand. And since you are already here, why give us a call? 🙂

We’d love to discuss your moving needs whenever you’re ready! Our goal is to help our customers by removing all the headaches and stress that inevitably come with moving. Our team is ready to answer all of your moving questions. Whether you are moving from a nearby place or long-distance, we can help.

Check out Education in Aledo

Weatherford College is the most prominent institution in the educational map which is followed up by multiple elementary and grade schools.

Things to do in Aledo

If you have children, here are some fantastic things you can do with your kids. A place called Celebrations Indoor Adventure has 5,400 sf of fun play indoors. Even toddlers will find the climbing, dressing up and playfulness to be limited only to the imagination. Celebrations Indoor Adventures has a 5 star review! There is the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History with incredibile exhibits, a planetarium and a museum special for children. Nothing like making science and history fun for the whole family. Maybe your crew would like to visit one of the oldest zoos in the state. This zoo has 16 permenent exhibits, animals freom all corners of the world and an awesome waterpark for the little ones giving the family an all around adventure!

Maybe you don’t have kids just yet and want some things to explore, well you’re in luck also! Freedom Fun USA has Outdoor movies, laser tag, and photo booth rentals. The 1611 Indoor Golf Club could help with golf lessons to manage your swing.

Renting a Pedego the Electric Bikes is another highlight to think about in this great area!

Visit this Facebook page for a proper idea of the numerous recreational and entertainment facilities in Aledo.

Attractions in and near Aledo

Split Rails Golf Course

2151 Old Annetta Road, Aledo, TX 76008

817-441-GOLF (4653)

The Secret Chambers Escape Room Challenge

513 Alta Mere Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76114

(888) 669-9998

Parks of Aledo Trail

Aledo Athletic Company

601 E Fm 1187, Ste A, Aledo, Tx 76008

Burger’s Lake

1200 Meandering Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114

(817) 737-3414

Splash Kingdom Water Park

1001 Cinema Dr, Weatherford, TX 76087

(817) 598-0777

Aledo is a great place to relocate and start things anew, just as the city itself is going through a burst of expansion.

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